Music 1270 Explores Pittsburgh's Sonic Culture

In the fall semester of 2014, the students in Music 1270: Music, Culture, and Technology studied sound recording from a cultural perspective. Led by Assistant Professor Rachel Mundy, they learned about phonographs as furniture, stethoscopes as headphones, and mix tapes as memories. At the end of the class, students ventured forth into Pittsburgh with handheld recorders in seven teams and created a podcast that they felt captured Pittsburgh's sonic culture. They designed, edited, and narrated what they found. For most of the class, this was the first time they had ever held a recorder.

In Memoriam

The Department of Music is a community that is often bursting with energy and life, and so it is difficult to face the reality of some of our treasured colleagues passing on from this life. It is with sadness and a deep sense of loss that we remember three colleagues who left us in the last year: Professor of Music, Emeritus Robert Sutherland Lord, saxophone instructor James “Buster” Alston, and receptionist Janet Vogt.

Music Library Association Awards Cassaro MLA Citation

At the recent Music Library Association’s annual conference in Atlanta the MLA Citation was awarded to James P. Cassaro, Head of the University of Pittsburgh’s Theodore M. Finney Music Library and Assistant Professor of Music. The MLA Citation is the Association’s tribute for lifetime achievement and is awarded in recognition of distinguished service to music librarianship over a career. Citation recipients become Honorary Members of the Music Library Association. 

Zazulia Receives NEH Fellowship

Emily Zazulia, assistant professor of music, has been awarded a Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities to support 12 months of research. Professor Zazulia will use the fellowship to work on her first monograph: a wide-ranging study of notational aesthetics, ca. 1300-1520. In this study, entitled Where Sight Meets Sound: The Poetics of Late-Medieval Music Writing, she argues that music writing of this period exhibits a dynamic interplay between notated music and the transformations it undergoes in performance.

Graduate students Jonathan Shold and Hylton Smith present at the national AMS meeting

This November Pittsburgh played host to musicologists from across the country, convening for the annual national meeting of the American Musicological Society. Among the fascinating work presented over the course of the weekend was a panel featuring two University of Pittsburgh graduate students, Hylton Smith and Jonathan Shold. Both papers came out of seminar work prepared in Dr. Rachel Mundy's seminar.

Upcoming Presentations and Publications by Juan Velasquez

Graduate student Juan Velasquez will present his paper "Orfeo Impreso: edición y práctica musical en América Latina, a través del caso de Medellín, Colombia (1886-1903)"[Orfeo Printed: musical printing and musical practice in Latin America in Medellín, Colombia (1886-1903)] at the 8th International Colloquium on Musicology, which will be held in conjunction with the first conference of the IMS Regional Association for Latin America and the Caribbean (ARALC/IMS) in Cuba in March, 2014. The International Musicological Society (IMS) was founded in 1927 in Basel, where it has its headquarters.

Gulgas and Shold win Grad Expo Awards

Department of Music graduate students Sara Gulgas and Jonathan received Outstanding Presenter awards at Pitt’s Grad Expo 2013. Gulgas and Shold, both studying musicology, will receive a $100.00 reimbursement for the purchase of materials or to defray travel/research costs.

Gulgas’ paper, titled “’Summertime’: Pluralism, Appropriation, and Signifying in Janis Joplin’s Lullaby,” explores the way Big Brother and the Holding Company covered the famous George Gershwin song. According to Gulgas, the band