Adriana Helbig's resources for understanding Ukraine through music

Music Department Chair Adriana Helbig is one of the world's leading scholars of Ukranian music. Her knowledge is in demand with the local and international press. This page will be updated with new resources as they become available. 

For additional information on Music in Ukraine please see Society for Ethnomusicology Resources on Ukraine - March 14, 2022

Ethnomusicologists specializing in the music of Ukraine and Eastern Europe continue to update the page with current information..


Indra Ridwan Leads Choir to International Acclaim

Indra Ridwan (PhD 2014) has been immersed in a variety of musical activities since leaving Pittsburgh in 2015. He returned to his position as a lecturer at the Institute of Indonesian Arts and Culture (ISBI) in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia where he is busily engaged in teaching, composing, and arranging.  In 2016, he was assigned by the rector of ISBI Bandung to become the advisor (Pembina) of Gita Suara (Gitsu) Choir, the ISBI Bandung student choir.

Podcast: Eric Moe Discusses the Music of J.H. Kwabena Nketia and Akin Euba

Our guest for this episode of the Music at Pitt Podcast is composer/pianist Eric Moe, the University of Pittsburgh’s Andrew Mellon Professor of Music and co-director of Music on the Edge. He is a composer of what the New York Times calls "music of winning exuberance,” and as a pianist and keyboardist, has premiered and performed works by a wide variety of composers. His playing can be heard on the Koch, CRI, Mode, Albany, New World Records, and Innova labels.