Composition and Theory

Composer Devon Tipp Discusses His Recent Work

Our guest for this episode of the Music at Pitt podcast is Devon Tipp. A PhD candidate at the University of Pittsburgh, Tipp’s music draws influence from his Japanese and Eastern European roots, his experiences as a jeweler and painter, and his studies of gagaku and hogaku in Japan and the US. He received his BMus from Montclair State University, where he studied composition and microtonal music with Dean Drummond, and shakuhachi with Elizabeth Brown. His music has been performed by microtonal specialists Kjell Tore Innervik, Veli Kujala and Tolgahan Çogulu.

Do Plants Make Music?

Do plants make music? This is a question that composer/theorist and Pitt doctoral candidate Brian Riordan and Paul Miller, a music theorist and Assistant Professor of Musicianship at Duquesne University, have been addressing in their research. The short answer to that questions is a resounding no!