Composition and Theory

Devon Osamu Tipp presents at UCLA's Asian Performing Arts on Stage and on Screen Conference

Pitt Music Department's Devon Osamu Tipp will be presenting a lecture recital at UCLA's Asian Performing Arts on Stage and on Screen Conference on May 14 at 11:15 PDT. The presentation will culminate in the virtual premiere of Tipp's composition Kanibarugaku wo Kangaetara/When I think of the Crab Fields for an ensemble of traditional japanese instruments.

Nicolás Aguía's American Poetry Choral Cabaret

Composition and theory PhD student Nicolás Aguía’s artistic collaboration The American Poetry Choral Cabaret received its premiere performance in the summer of 2021 in Bogotá, Colombia. Aguía created the work, which he describes as a “drag oratorio-cabaret” with transdisciplinary artist Alfonso J. Venegas and received a grant for the premiere from the U.S. Embassy in Colombia.

Aaron Myers-Brooks Gains Acclaim in the Metal Community

Music theory and technology instructor Aaron Myers-Brooks (PhD 2014) has developed a reputation for explorations of microtonal electric guitar as virtuosic as they are innovative. Whether he’s playing his 17 tone-per-octave instrument on solo compositions or with one of his two metal bands, you can count on Myers-Brooks to take your conception of what music is in directions you would never anticipate.