Symphony Orchestra


Roger Zahab, Director

The University of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra is composed mostly of non-music majors who have a strong devotion to music. Our level of performance improves substantially every year and all skilled musicians from throughout the University (students, faculty and staff) are welcome as well as people from the general community. The orchestra is offered as a 1 credit course called University Orchestra - Music 0620. Rehearsals (and most concerts) are held in Bellefield Hall Auditorium on Wednesdays from 7:30 until around 9:50 pm. Additional rehearsals will be held on Monday nights as needed. In three or four concerts per semester we play a wide range of music from the Baroque period to the very latest music, and support the activities of other areas in the Pitt Music Department, especially new music composition/performance and (increasingly) interdisciplinary studies.

Auditions in Fall of 2021 will be done virtually by means of an unedited video recording:  

Please prepare two examples of solo music for your instrument. They don't have to be complete pieces but it is certainly OK if they are and could also be from the same extended movement or larger work. They should demonstrate contrasting styles of music performance: slow/lyrical and fast/articulate and should use most of the available range of the instrument, and demonstrate your intonation and rhythmic skills in styles from mid-19th century (Bruch, Brahms, Saint-Saens) to recent music by living composers. (Baroque and Classical rep doesn’t really reveal enough technique for our usual orchestral repertoire, so please choose from about 1850 to 2020).  

Additionally, I would like to hear a few orchestral excerpts for your instrument which I can suggest or send to you selected from major works by Beethoven through Copland, Debussy, Ravel and Stravinsky. There may be some sight-reading and I may request a scale or two. 

- please contact me at if you have any more questions on what to prepare. 
For concert information, call 412-624-4125, or visit our Events Calendar.