Carpathian Ensemble (Not offered 2018-19)

Memde, Mori Memede (Macedonia), Arr. Walt Mahovlich

NOTE: Carpathian Ensemble will not be offered in the 2018–19 academic year.

The Carpathian Music Ensemble (Mus 0615) was founded in fall 2008 and is directed by Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology Adriana Helbig.

This 1-credit music ensemble course introduces students to Hungarian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Greek, Turkish, and Gypsy musical traditions. Through weekly rehearsals, students learn musical styles and histories, live performance and musicianship skills, and performance practices in diverse, yet mutually interconnected, music genres.

No prior formal music performance experience or training is required; only basic competency and comfortability with an instrument  – any instrument! – and the willingness to learn new music. Open to all interested students regardless of major!

View video of the Carpathian Music Ensemble here!