Wangcaixuan (Rosa) Zhang

I am a PhD student at University of Pittsburgh, studying ethnomusicology. After I obtained my Bachelor Degree at Emory University in Music Performance and Research, I continued my studies in music at Chinese University of Hong Kong, where I completed a Master’s thesis Buddha’s Songs: Musical Practices in Taiwanese Buddhist Renaissance. My primary interest at this stage is about the Chinese popular scene, especially the boom of various singing contest reality shows. I intend to explore how those television programs shape and re-shape the “Voice of China” and “Chinese Dream” through song selection, re-arrangements, the publicity of contestants, etc.

I have presented papers at multiple international conferences, such ICTM and IMS. I am also an active performer. I began playing the violin at the very young age, and was exposed to more music when I was at Emory, where I started to learn Javanese Gamelan. I also played traditional Chinese instrument Zhongruan (in the picture) and Cantonese Qinqin in Chinese Ensemble in Hong Kong. I also love to sing, and had a Mandarin Pop band when I was studying at Emory.