Shuo Yang

  • Graduate Student, Ethnomusicology

I am a PhD student in Ethnomusicology. My research interests include ethnic minority music of Southwest China, urban popular music in China, and music and tourism. Previously, I obtained my BA in Arts Management from Central Conservatory of Music (Beijing, China) and my MPhil in Ethnomusicology from Chinese University of Hong Kong. My MPhil thesis from Chinese University of Hong Kong, Music Tourism: Music Performance and the Tourism Industry in the Contemporary Old Town of Lijiang, Yunnan, uses examples of both traditional music and popular music to examine how touristic music performance apply “staged authenticity” in order to present the sense of exoticism. I have presented my research at ICTM, MEA, 3th Global Conference: Urban Popcultures, and NTU/CUHK International Music Forum. I am also active as a singer and has participated in one of Hong Kong’s major local busking groups Buskic and a variety of choral groups, including Beijing Philharmonic Choir and Heinz Chapel Choir.