Samuel Boateng

  • Graduate Student, Jazz Studies

I am a multi-instrumentalist, composer, teacher, and researcher from Ghana. Currently, I am a PhD candidate in the Jazz Studies program at University of Pittsburgh where I also serve as a Teaching Fellow. In 2016, I received my MA Ethnomusicology degree from Kent State University, with a research focus on the dynamics of gender representation in Ghanaian popular music, and the ongoing feminist discourse that surrounds the music of some women musicians in the country.

My other fields of interest include the intersections between music and the supernatural; conflict, chaos and sound; African popular culture; African cultural retentions in the diaspora; and traditional Akan music and creative dispositions. As a Jazz scholar, I am inspired by the notions of hybridity and improvisation, as well as the ideas of memory and personhood that are enshrined in the historic collaborations between African and American Jazz musicians. As a composer, my work has been premiered by several ensembles including the Cleveland Chamber Symphony, the Kent State University Jazz Orchestra and the Kent State Orchestra, as well as the IonSound Project at University of Pittsburgh.