Josh Brew

  • Graduate Student, Ethnomusicology

I am a Ph.D. candidate researching the intersectionality of music, economies, and ecological sustainability. My other research interests include the music industry, digital culture, African music, Sustainability, economic anthropology, and fandom studies. My theoretical and practical approach to research broadly focuses on how music sustains humans and how humans sustain music and the natural environment.

As an applied ethnomusicologist, I am interested in extending my research to benefit the communities I work with. I have hosted workshops, worked with young musicians and bands in Ghana to explore music career strategies like contemporary music business models, and assisted them in establishing and managing their cyberspace presence.

I am also a multi-instrumentalist with over a decade of experience in the Ghanaian Music industry, performing Afrobeats, Highlife, Hiplife, Jazz, and classical guitar. See my website for more.