Jason Belcher

  • Part-Time Faculty


Jason Belcher (b.1987) is a composer and improviser whose music is concerned with varying degrees of improvisation and performer control. He can be heard in various D.I.Y contexts throughout the Northeastern United States, and is a member of the Vermont-Based ensemble Brass Balagan. In recent years he has worked with musicians such as Arthur Brooks, Anthony Coleman, Joe Morris, John Zorn, and was involved in the making of Voyage in a White Building I, a 2013 release of music by Burr Van Nostrand. Currently a Ph. D candidate at the University of Pittsburgh, Belcher previously attended the New England Conservatory, where he studied with Frank Carlberg, Robert Cogan, John Mallia, and the poet Ruth Lepson.

Courses Taught 

Creative Musicianship, (Past Courses) Fundamentals of Western Music, Theory I-IV, History of Jazz, Musicianship I-II