Irene Monteverde

  • Jazz Piano


Irene was presented as “Artist to Watch” by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust magazine in 2018. One of her main performance projects is as pianist with Noel Quintana’s Latin Crew, a group that explores the mutual influence between jazz and salsa music. She has composed for Jumping Jack Theater and fireWALL Dance Theater and has recorded as a vocalist with Richie Cole and The Blue Hots. Inspired by her previous teachers and mentors, including Geri Allen (University of Pittsburgh), Alessandro Giachero (Siena Jazz University), Frank Cunimondo (University of Pittsburgh), and Ron Bickel (Duquesne University), Irene has taught at the Afro-American Music Institute and the Carnegie Boys and Girls Club and has assisted in Musicianship and the History of Jazz courses at the University of Pittsburgh. Her interest in Pittsburgh’s rich jazz legacy is spurred by her involvement with “Each One, Teach One,” an intergenerational jazz project through the African-American Jazz Preservation Society of Pittsburgh and under the tutelage of drummer Mr. Carl Murphy and multi-instrumentalist Judge Warren Watson. She is writing her dissertation on Pittsburgh-born pianist, Erroll Garner, which she hopes to complete during his centennial year, 2021.


Jazz Piano

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  • MA, University of Pittsburgh

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