Emilie Rook

  • Graduate Student, Ethnomusicology

I am a PhD candidate in ethnomusicology.  My work examines the intersection of music and religion, with a focus on Catholicism in Indonesia.   Broadly, I am interested in how musical practices can provide insight into questions of piety, power, and politics.  My current research explores the use of music in crafting an Indonesian Catholic identity which is considered universally Catholic and nationally Indonesian, while simultaneously in dialogue with broader socio-religious and musical trends in-country.  Before starting at Pitt, I received a BA in music from Mount Holyoke College and an MAR in Music and Religion from Yale Divinity School and the Institute of Sacred Music.  I have presented my work at national and international conferences, including: the International Council for Traditional Music (PASEA), NECSEM, AMS Allegheny, the Society for Christian Scholarship in Music, and the "Christian Congregational Music" conference at Oxford University.  I am grateful for the opportunity to carry out my dissertation research on “Catholic Music in Indonesia: Representation, Identity Formation, and Community Building" as a Fulbright Student Researcher, sponsored by the Institut Seni Budaya Indonesia (ISBI) in Bandung, Indonesia.