Codee Spinner

  • Graduate Student, Musicology

Codee Spinner is a musicology PhD candidate at the University of Pittsburgh. She holds a BM in music education from SUNY Fredonia and a MA in musicology from the University of Pittsburgh. Her master’s thesis explores women’s political involvement and strategy in the US women’s suffrage movement and its connection to women’s musical organizations and performance. Her research interests include American music, popular music, nineteenth-century spirituality and religion, and historical sound studies. She has presented at conferences throughout the United States and internationally. Codee is currently working on her dissertation titled, Resonant Spirits: Spiritualism, Music, and Community in Lily Dale, NY. The dissertation is a historical study of sound and musical practice in the Spiritualist community of Lily Dale. 

Codee is currently teaching Basic Musicianship: Class Piano. While at Pitt she has taught several courses including; Class piano; Introduction to Western Art Music; Music theory I and II; and acted as conducting assistant to the university orchestra.