Brian Riordan

  • Part-Time Faculty


Brian Riordan is a composer, performer, improviser, producer, and sound artist originally from Chicago, Illinois. He is currently finishing a PhD in music composition and theory at University of Pittsburgh, where he teaches a class he designed called “Programming Environments in Music: An Introduction to Max/MSP”. His research interests are in temporal discontinuity, delay-based performance, real-time digital signal processing, and laptop performance aesthetics. As an avid collaborator, he has performed in numerous ensembles ranging from rock, jazz, classical, and experimental throughout North American, Europe, and Asia.  His compositions have been performed by The JACK Quartet, The Callithumpian Consort, Wet Ink Ensemble, andPlay, The Meridian Arts Ensemble, Kamraton, Untwelve, The H2 Quartet, Alia Musica, Wolftrap, and his compositions have been featured at STEIM, SEAMUS, SICPP, New Music On The Point, SPLICE, and The Walden Creative Musicians Retreat. As a member of the Pittsburgh ensemble “How Things Are Made,” he produced and performed on over 70 albums for the group and have commissioned 52 compositions.


Creative Musicianship; Programming Environments in Music: An Introduction to Max/MSP

Education & Training

  • MA Composition and Theory, University of Pittsburgh