A Virtual Celebration for Undergraduate Majors and Minors

Graduating Music Majors and Minors gathered for a virtual celebration with Department Chair Mathew Rosenblum, Director of Undergraduate Studies Roger Zahab, and Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies Susan Rice on Friday, April 24, 2020. Please take a moment to watch these videos and learn a little more about all the exciting things our Music Majors and Minors have accomplished. (And please feel free to share some encouraging words in the comments on our social media platforms.)


Marcus Dubreuil, Composition, December 2019

Jason Bluedorn, Performance, April 2020

Isabel Crain, Composition, April 2020*

Violet (Zhihui) Jiao, Performance, April 2020*

Shahla Khanna, April 2020

Emma Lebo, Composition, April 2020*

Lillian Turner, Global & Popular Music, April 2020*

Benjamin Volk, Composition, April 2020*

*Present for the virtual celebration


Etienne Ayoub, December 2019

Brad Hammer, December 2019

Vivian Li, December 2019

Finn (Jillian) Murphy, December 2019

Sumiran Shah, December 2019*                                                                  

Charles Antonowicz, April 2020

Linn  Bjanes, April 2020

Lucy Dong, April 2020*

Marsaude Edwards, April 2020

Lindsay Ejoh, April 2020*

Emily Hecht, April 2020*

Markell Hodges, April 2020

Angela Kodokian, April 2020*

Eric  MacFadden, April 2020

Ruchika Moturi, April 2020*

Sophie Shah, April 2020*

Natalie Stadler, April 2020*

Vivek Velagapudi, April 2020*

Dominique Vickers, April 2020*

Joseph Helgerman, August 2020

Natalie Karter, December 2020*

*Present at virtual celebration