Phil Lamperski on Sound Design for the Avengers Game and Interactive Computer Music Composition

Our guest for this episode of the Music at Pitt Podcast is composer, sound designer, and software developer Phil Lamperski. Phil graduated from Pitt in 2007 with a BA in Music and a BS in Psychology. He went on to earn an MA in Music from UC Santa Cruz and has since been busy working on interactive music, software involving algorithmic composition, and sound design for video games. He is currently a senior sound designer at Crystal Dynamics where one of his most recently released projects is the Marvel Avengers RPG for which Phil created combat music and warzone ambient systems. He also develops real-time interactive computer music systems oriented toward live performance and has utilized this process for creating his own original compositions. In 2019 he released an album of electronic music titled Terrella which he created entirely in the Pure Data music environment.

Terrella is available wherever fine music is streamed. You can find out more about Phil’s sound design in this interview with the Crystal Dynamics team from A Sound Effect and hear some his work on the trailer for the Marvel Avengers game.

Musical excerpt: “Arrhythmia” from the album Terrella. Used by permission of the composer.