Nicole Mitchell's "Mothership Calling" at the Oakland Museum

Nicole Mitchell's sound installation Mothership Calling can currently be experienced as part of the Oakland Museum of California's exhibition Mothership: Voyage into Afrofuturism. Presented together with murals by Sydney Cain, the work tells the story of Octavia Butler's Earthseed novels through an immersive soundscape. Speaking about the work, Nicole says, "I wanted people to feel the sounds, embracing them and moving around them as if they were living entities. What I called ‘sonic events.’ To walk in the room and hear the sound moving across your body from different parts of the room." The installation is designed to adapt and change over time, creating a unique experience with every visit. The exhibition is on view from August 7, 2021 – February 27, 2022.

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Hear Nicole and collaborators talk about the creation of the piece.