The Music at Pitt Podcast Previews Beyond 2020

The Music at Pitt Podcast previews the Beyond 2020: Microtonal Music Festival with a series of podcasts guest-hosted by composer and Beyond producer Laura Schwartz. Beyondcast I features members of Kamratōn Ensemble, vocalist Anna Elder and clarinetist Emily Cook. Anna and Emily join Laura to talk about their upcoming performances of works by Curtis Rumrill and Catherine Lamb.

Beyondcast II features composer, performer, and educator Aaron Myers-Brooks who will perform a solo set for microtonal electric guitar. Aaron will also be performing with Kamratōn on a composition by Catherine Lamb. This episode also includes excerpts from two of Aaron’s compositions for microtonal guitar. The first is a piece titled Approximate Machines and the second is called Somber and Deliberate.

You can catch both Kamratōn and Myers-Brooks on Microtonal Pittsburgh, a free concert taking place on Saturday, February 9th at Frick Fine Arts Auditorium from 2-5 p.m.