Marcelle Pierson Talks Voice Leading With The Note Doctors

Pitt Music Theory faculty member Marcelle Pierson is a featured guest on the Dec. 13, 2021 episode of Note Doctors, the music theory and pedagogy podcast. The podcast is hosted by three university theory instructors: Paul Thomas, Jenn Weaver, and Ben Graf. 

Listen to "Epsiode 32: Corralling the Chorale" 
Episode description: In this our second episode made in collaboration with the Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy, Paul, Jenn, and Ben welcome six music theory scholars (Chelsea Burns, William O'Hara, Marcelle Pierson, Katherine Pukinskis, Peter Smucker, and William van Geest) to discuss their forthcoming article in the JMTP entitled "Corralling the Chorale." In this wide ranging conversation, our guests reconsider what voice leading means and what its role should be in the undergraduate theory curriculum, as well as ask us to consider a wide range of factors and constituencies when making curricular changes.

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