Indra Ridwan Leads Choir to International Acclaim

Indra Ridwan (PhD 2014) has been immersed in a variety of musical activities since leaving Pittsburgh in 2015. He returned to his position as a lecturer at the Institute of Indonesian Arts and Culture (ISBI) in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia where he is busily engaged in teaching, composing, and arranging.  In 2016, he was assigned by the rector of ISBI Bandung to become the advisor (Pembina) of Gita Suara (Gitsu) Choir, the ISBI Bandung student choir. Assisted by Karisman Ferdinandus Tumanggor (conductor and external coach) and Aloysia Widyaningsih (internal coach), Indra has led Gitsu to national and international acclaim.

Most recently, Gitsu secured the 2nd Prize at Cork International Virtual Choir Competition, Ireland (2021) and Silver Diploma Level 2 at the XIV Rimini International Virtual Choral Competition, Italy (2020).

At a national level, the choir earned a Gold Medal and was named Winner of Most Creative Concept at the National Virtual Choral Competition held by Ciputra University, Jakarta (2020). During the performance, Indra played piano to accompany the group.

Gitsu procured two gold medals, one in choral and another in vocal group categories, at the National Virtual Competition of Arts, Business, Sport, and Education held by Yogyakarta State University (2020). When they earned The 1st Prize at the National Choral Competition of the 10th HKBP Gerejawi Pasar Rebo, Jakarta (2019), Gitsu sang a Sundanese children’s song entitled “Tokecang,” arranged by Indra.

Congratulations to Indra Ridwan and Gitsu on all their many successes! See more of Gitsu’s recent performances here.