Grad Students Create Online Erroll Garner Exhibit

We are pleased to announce a new online exhibit titled "Erroll Garner: Four Thematic Snapshots." The exhibit was created by graduate students in the seminar “Music, Media, and the Archive: Jazz Collections of Pittsburgh," taught by Associate Professor Michael Heller. To create the exhibit, seminar participants combed through the Erroll Garner Archive of Pitt’s ULS Digital Collections which consists primarily of correspondence and business documents belonging to Garner and his manager Martha Glaser. Through their research, Heller and the students drew out four themes and curated them into individual pages: Fighting Racism, curated by Warner Sabio; Touring and Publicity, curated by Deanna Witkowski; Acclaim from Peers, curated by Adam Lee; and Posthumous Legacy, curated by Heller.

Heller went out of his way to express gratitude to library staff members Megan Masanelli and Gesina Phillips for making the digital materials available and helping the class learn to navigate the online exhibit software. 

The online exhibit will have a real-world counterpart as part of the Erroll Garner Exhibit in the William Pitt Union. Elements of “Four Thematic Snapshots” are expected to be on display at the WPU by August 30th. We hope you’ll enjoy this exhibit online or in person!