The Dangdut Cowboys Head for Indonesia

The Pittsburgh-based band known as the Dangdut Cowboys is headed to Indonesia to perform as part of a cultural exchange program sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta. Made up of Pitt and CMU faculty, alumni, and graduate students, the band will perform in Indonesia’s three largest cities — Jakarta, Surabaya, and Medan — from March 8–18. The 10-day whirlwind tour will include concerts, television broadcasts, school presentations, and other media events. Dangdut is the most popular genre of music in Indonesia, a country made up of some 17,000 islands and a population of over 260 million people. The Dangdut Cowboys cross musical borders by mixing Indonesian dangdut songs with country, blues, rock, and reggae. Formed by Andrew Weintraub in 2007, the band aims to introduce the intoxicating music and exuberant dance of dangdut to audiences everywhere.

Members of the Dangdut Cowboys include Pitt faculty members Andrew Weintraub (vocals/rhythm guitar), Meghan Hynson (vocals), CMU faculty member Stephen Schultz (flute), Pitt doctoral candidates Samuel Boateng (keyboard) and Brian Riordan (gendang), and Pitt Alumni John Bagnato (lead guitar) and Matt Aelmore (bass).

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