Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

Undergraduate Advisor Roger Zahab addresses the class of 2018.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018! On the morning of commencement day, the Department of Music hosted a graduation brunch in the elegant Lower Lounge of the William Pitt Union. Graduates of the BA, MA, and PhD programs, along with students completing the music minor, gathered to celebrate their achievements. After the meal, faculty advisors introduced each graduate, summarizing their accomplishments and future plans. It was a wonderful moment of reflection and pride and these tributes to our students provided a glimpse of the wide variety of scholarly and artistic endeavors they have pursued. Please join us in wishing each of these newly minted alumni a bright and successful future!

Majors: (L-R) Susan Rice (faculty), Rodica Constantine, Mariam Shalaby, Johnny Walylko, Alec Cenci, Tyler Carcy, David Chen, Margot Cohen, Cole Boillat, Michael Buckstein, Hezreel Robertson, Roger Zahab (faculty)
Not pictured: Shawn Banish, Danny Schlussel, Maggie Stiffler


Minors: (L-R) Susan Rice (faculty),  Austin Hackman, Marysa Scalia, Jenith Huang, Brad Smertz, Isaac Mastalski, Kendra Bree, Joe Rogers, Roger Zahab (faculty)
Not pictured: Morgan McArthur, Ethan Phillips, Andrew Brock, Suzanne Feinstein, Bryan Gargasz, Jessica Hu, Kevin Langmuir, Joe Rogers, Maddie Sharmat

PhDs: John Bagnato, Dean Root (faculty), Juan Velasquez, Jonathan Shold, James P. Cassaro (faculty), John Petrucelli
Not pictured: Da Lin, Michael Mackey


MAs (Not Pictured): Jason Belcher, Aidan Epstein, Marco Giusto, Young Soo Kim, Ashley Sherman, Woody Steinken, Mathew Tembo, Devon Tipp