Ben Barson's Fulbright Residency Begins

The Museum Cultural Research Institute (IIC-Museum) received Dr. Benjamín Barson, who will carry out a research stay, as a result of being awarded the Fulbright scholarship.

During his stay, he will work on his project "The Sonic Frontier: A Seminar on a Decolonial Music Policy in the 19th Century". He will also carry out academic support activities in postgraduate studies.

Dr. Barson is a composer, writer, saxophonist, and activist. He graduated from the Doctor of Philosophy in Music at the University of Pittsburgh, United States. He has received multiple grants from the Tinker Foundation to research music in Cuba and Mexico, awarded by the American Society of Composers and Publishers for his work in jazz composition. He has carried out several theater, music and historical reflection projects in which he highlights that music has been and continues to be a force of conscience, especially regarding those who have been erased by official narratives.

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