Aaron Myers-Brooks Presents on Electronic Music for "Love Data Week"

Input/Output - Creative Approaches to Source Material and Sonic Result in Electronic Music

Dr. Aaron Myers-Brooks

Electronic Music presents a fascinating opportunity for the mixing and matching of disparate input and output data. My presentation will demonstrate three very different input methods, which will generate three very different sonic results. I will begin with drawings generated in HighC, a piece of software based around 20th century composer Iannis Xenakis’s UPIC program. These drawings will generate synthesized soundscapes. I will then perform an improvised hip-hop beat using a video game controller in conjunction with Ableton Live. Finally, I will demonstrate an excerpt from an in progress piece for microtonal guitar and real time effects processing.

This talk is part of Love Data Week—see the entire lineup at https://lovedatapgh.io/!

Date:Friday, February 18, 2022

Time:12:00pm - 1:00pm

Location:Hillman Library, Amy Knapp Room, G-74


Presenter: Dr. Aaron Myers-Brooks, Pitt Department of Music faculty

Registration is required. There are 19 seats available.