Aaron Myers-Brooks' New Noise-Rock Album

Night Vapor with Aaron Myers-Brooks (second from right). Photo: Devon Dill

Composer/guitarist Aaron Myers-Brooks (PhD 2014) has released a new album, 1,000 Miles of Mud, with his noise-rock band Night Vapor. The album has already received solid critical acclaim with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Scott Mervis describing it as,

“…a level of metallic sludge and grime you don’t get from your garden-variety noise band, rife with atonal guitar work, lurching rhythms and the most guttural utterances.”

Released by Detroit label Corpse Flower, you can stream and purchase 1,000 Miles of Mud from their bandcamp page and order it on vinyl as well.

Whether performing with Night Vapor, creating experimental work for microtonal guitar, or composing for contemporary chamber music groups, Myers-Brooks’ adventurous creativity is always evident. His recent composition for sax and drums titled Four Grids was premiered by the Patchwork Duo in Cleveland this past November. In a description that’s virtually interchangeable with reviews of Night Vapor’s new recording, Cleveland Classical described the work as an exploration of, “funky, raucous, and delightfully unhinged moods.”

When he’s not performing or composing, Myers-Brooks is also active as an educator. He teaches courses at both Pitt and the Community College of Allegheny County, covering topics such as music theory, electroacoustic music, and aural skills. It’s the kind of busy life that is familiar to many musicians, but Aaron Myers-Brooks is clearing a successful path for himself, even if it is through 1,000 miles of mud.