Aaron Myers-Brooks Gains Acclaim in the Metal Community

Music theory and technology instructor Aaron Myers-Brooks (PhD 2014) has developed a reputation for explorations of microtonal electric guitar as virtuosic as they are innovative. Whether he’s playing his 17 tone-per-octave instrument on solo compositions or with one of his two metal bands, you can count on Myers-Brooks to take your conception of what music is in directions you would never anticipate. His bands, AutoReplicant and Monochromatic Residua, both put out new albums digitally in 2020 and have received some very positive press. 

Monochromatic Residua garnered a glowing review for their EP Eternal Mountain in the influential blog Metal Injection. In his review, Austin Weber states,

“Monochromatic Residua – Eternal Mountain… easily ranks among the most unique takes on technical death metal I've heard this year.”

Another prominent metal blog, Toilet ov Hell, published an extensive interview with Myers-Brooks about Eternal Mountain, microtonality, FM synthesis, and his metal influences.

AutoReplicant got a shoutout in the print issue of Decibel for their album The Impending Swarm. Decibel describes the project as,

“…like hitting up a high-end buffet in the rich part of town: you want to try everything and throw as much on your plate as will fit.”

Congratulations to Aaron Myers-Brooks for grabbing the attention of the metal world with his trailblazing microtonal guitar work!