2019 Graduation Celebrations

Pittsburgh’s signature cloud-cover and rain could not dampen the spirits of our graduates and their family members as they gathered to celebrate important milestones in academic achievement.

PhD and MA graduates were honored by their faculty advisors during an intimate gathering in the Music Building on Thursday of Commencement Week. Professors Michael Heller and Aaron Johnson spoke about the work of Jazz Studies PhD Billy D. Scott in his dissertation "Hybridity, Identity, and Liminality in the Pan-American Jazz Piano Tradition." Eric Moe lauded Composition and Theory PhD Laura Schwartz’s dissertation "Repair and Self-Formation Through Verbal Notation: Analyzing Self in Works by Jennifer Walshe and Pauline Oliveros." Department Chair Mathew Rosenblum spoke to the accomplishments of MA graduates Larissa Irizarry and Mathew Tembo.

On commencement morning faculty and staff gathered with BAs, Minors, and their families at the William Pitt Union for a delicious breakfast and time of recognition. Advisors spoke about the achievements of each of our graduates, including reflections from the students themselves on the impact Pitt has had on their artistic growth. It is always impressive to see all that the students accomplished and how they have developed as individuals and musicians during their time here.

We are pleased to offer hearty congratulations to all our graduates and are confident in the bright futures on which they are embarking!

PhD Graduates
Laura Rose Schwartz
Billy D. Scott

MA Graduates
Larissa Alice Irizarry
Mathew Tembo

BA Graduates
Keith Boone
Robert Coutch
Ethan Dunbar
Carter Freije
Manu Gajanan
Jonathan Heller
Matthew Houck
Claire Linder
Ryan Salisbury

Music Minors
Hanna Brubaker
Zachary Donovan
Michael Godfrey
Sarah Grossman
Madison Hallman
Evan McWilliams
Jennifer Mountz
Sneha Patnaik
Dillon Schetley
Thomas Silvia
Connor Yao
Megan Zercher
Zenas Zhuang