Music and Movement Conference: Call for Proposals

The Music and Movement Conference is open to researchers, composers, and performing artists whose work deals with music and movement. Each virtual panel will consist of two papers (20 minutes each, plus an additional 10 for questions) as well as a block for performances (30 minutes total, including a few minutes for Q&A after each performance). Lecture-recitals are also encouraged (30-45 minutes total, plus additional time for questions).

Category 1: Call for Papers

We invite proposals for individual and collaborative papers of 20 minutes in length, followed by 10 minutes for questions. Paper abstracts (250 word maximum) should deal explicitly with the conference theme of “music and movement,” demonstrate a clear argument, and exhibit knowledge of previous research. Papers will be presented live over Zoom, although presenters may instead prerecord their talks if they prefer.

Application form:

Category 2: Call for Performances

Composers, performers, improvisors, dancers, and other performing artists are invited to submit works of no more than 20 minutes in duration. All works must engage with the conference theme of “music and movement.” All submissions must be in the form of a video, which will be streamed to all conference participants during its assigned panel. Following the stream, the applicant will also be expected to engage in a short Q&A about their work.

Submissions must include 1) a video recording of the work, and 2) a detailed explanation of the work which can serve as a program note in the conference program.

Application form:

Category 3: Call for Lecture-Recitals

Applicants whose work involves both scholarship and creative work are encouraged to submit proposals for lecture-recitals. Lecture-recitals should be 30-45 minutes, followed by 10 minutes for questions. Proposals must include an abstract (250 words maximum), and, optionally, recording(s) of the work(s) to be performed.

Application form:

Submission Guidelines

EXTENDED DEADLINE: The application deadline is November 30, 2020 at 11:59pm EST. Applicants may submit multiple proposals (maximum one per category), though applicants will only be accepted in one category. Results will be sent out in early December.

If you have any questions about the application categories—or are unsure where your proposal might fit best—please reach out to the University of Pittsburgh Graduate Conference Committee at