Music Monday: A Guitar Festival


February 17, 2014 - 8:00pm

The next Music Monday will feature guitar instructor Jim Ferla performing with his students and Roger Zahab. The program will feature popular American songs, traditional music, compositions by Astor Piazolla, Roger Zahab, David Leisner, and much more.

Kaleidoscope                                                                   Claude Gagnon (b. 1949)

Lepo Lele (from Songs of Ararat)                                       Loris Chobanian (b.1933)

I. Animato (from Little Suite, Op. 95 No. 4)                        John Duarte (1919-2004)

My Favorite Things (1958)                                                Richard Rodgers (1902-1979)

How High the Moon                                                          Morgan Lewis (1906-1968)

El Vito                                                                             Traditional Spanish Folksong

Guitar Ensemble
I  Stephen Cisar, Jennifer Schneider
II  Grant Watkiss, Darrin Willis
III   James Ferla*

Dances in the Madhouse (1982)                                         David Leisner (b. 1953)

1. Tango Solitaire                                                                                       

2. Waltz for the Old Folks

3. Ballad for the Lonely

4. Samba!

James Ferla, guitar* & Roger Zahab, violin*

Three Nocturnes (1983)                                                     Roger Zahab (b. 1957)

I. tempo giusto

II. expansively

III. very slowly


Tambourin/Dabke (2010)                                                    Roger Zahab

James Ferla, guitar* & Roger Zahab, violin*

Candombe (2000)                                                              Máximo Diego Pujol (b. 1957)

James Ferla, guitar*

Café 1930                                                                          Astor Piazzolla

from Histoire du Tango (1921-1992)

James Ferla, guitar* & Roger Zahab, violin*


*faculty member

Concert Series