Lecture: Neil Newton (University of Pittsburgh)


October 11, 2013 - 4:00pm

Dr. Neil Newton, Lecturer in Music Theory in the University of Pittsburgh Department of Music, will give a lecture titled “The Inner Life of Harmonies: An Examination of the Middle Voice in Pop, Classical, and Early Post-Tonal Music.” 

As a music theorist Neil Newton is interested in the intersection of tonal and atonal music; in particular, the aspects of tonality which have remained in early atonal music and the aspects of tonal music that preempted atonality. His research involves examinations of voice-leading, aspects of formal structure and questions about what harmonic function is and whether it requires tonality to operate.

Newton was born and educated in New Zealand. He studied music as an undergraduate at the University of Otago and then went to the University of Auckland for a masters and PhD, which was supported by a University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship. He taught at the New Zealand School of Music and then at the University of Manchester in England.

An active performer and guitarist in bands, Newton has released albums with the New Zealand band George and Queen.

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