Friday Afternoon Concert: November 30


November 30, 2018 - 4:00pm

Upright Bass

This week's Friday afternoon concert includes music by jazz piano instructor Frank Cunimondo, Brahms, Telemann, kosma, and more. All performed by our outstanding undergraduates and faculty members.

Full Program

Minor Mood, Frank Cunimondo       

Autumn Leaves, Joseph Kosma

Max Dudek, piano
Sam Cohen, bass 

Sonata IV in D Major, opus 4, no. 4, Arcangelo Corelli

Preludio: Grave – Corrente: Allegro, Adagio –Giga: Allegro

Olivia Basile & Asher Hancock, violins
Roger Zahab,  basso continuo

Waltz and Interlude, Clare Grundman

 Maya Best, flute; Frieda Jones, clarinet; Lucy Dong,  piano

Sonata in A Minor, G. P. Telemann

Largo - Allegro

Olivia Parker, flute; Stephanie Klotz, violin; Lucy Dong, piano

Op. 118, Johannes Brahms

1. Intermezzo
2. Intermezzo
3. Ballade

Walt Yang, piano


* faculty artist

Location and Address

132 Music Building

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