Steinken Wins Best Paper Award

We are pleased to announce that Woodrow Steinken won the West Virginia University Press Award for Best Student Paper for his paper "From the Depths: The Invented Interiority of Alban Berg's Lyric Suite." The award is presented annually by the Allegheny chapter of the American Musicological Society. The committee released the following statement about Steinken’s paper:

"This year’s student papers were broadly well-written and insightful, and a handful of papers stood out as particularly outstanding works of scholarship.  Steinken’s paper on the layers of interiority in Berg’s Lyric Suite was particularly notable for several reasons: it was characterized by clear, well-organized prose; it demonstrated a breadth of knowledge about Berg and his music; it engaged with and extended existing scholarship on Berg’s music; and it provided the reader with a number of new insights to this composer’s life and creative work that were clearly the product of extensive, detailed research."

Congratulations to Woodrow Steinken on this impressive accomplishment!