Petrucelli Chosen for New Hazlett CSA

Doctoral Candidate John Petrucelli has been selected as a composer/performer for the New Hazlett Theater’s 2017–18 CSA (Community Supported Art) Series. Conceived as an artistic analogy to the community supported agriculture movement, the New Hazlett’s series seeks to support local artists and provide a professional performance environment for their work. Petrucelli will perform his suite Presence at the New Hazlett on December 7 and 8th of 2017.

Presence synthesizes jazz, classical, and electronic music influences into a meditation on place, space, and the human condition. The suite comprises nine selections; Black MoonField of HeavenIntentionsVeil of ShadowsMercury CrossingGarden of the AngelsSummon (the spirit)Amor Fati and BridgeNot an End. They follow a narrative arc that represents a series of transformations he has undergone both artistically and spiritually during his time in Pittsburgh. 

Congratulations to John Petrucelli on being selected for this important and innovative series!