Orchestra's 40th Season Highlighted in Local Media

Pittsubrgh Tribune Review classical music critic Mark Kanny highlighted the University of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra's 40th Anniversary Season in the most recent A&E update. Kanny noted that,

"Reaching a major anniversary is always an accomplishment worth celebrating. The University of Pittsburgh Orchestra will open its 40th season on Oct. 5 in the most apt way — a performance of challenging and rewarding music."

The October 5 program includes Zahab's own entelchron symphonies (written specifically for Pitt's orchestra), a performance Saint-Saëns Cello Concerto No. 2 by Neuroscience Major Eric Cyphers, and Mozart's Symphony No. 41, Jupiter.

The article also underscores the orchestra's role in bringing together members of the University community and beyond. Read the full article here.