orchestra schedule for January 23rd

7:30 pm Prokofiev Violin Concerto no.1, op.19 - all players 8:00 pm Mahler Symphony no. 6 – 1st movement 8:30 pm Sibelius Violin Concerto – mvt. 1 (2222 4230 timp strings) 8:50 pm Beck Symphony no. 1 Beck personnel: fl: Mirasol, Deardorff ob Steers cl. Hendrix, Steen 2 horns trumpet in C: does Scott or Taylor have a C trumpet? percussion: Applas piano: Mitchell strings: 44331 violins 1: Liu, Theophanous, Chow, Moy violins 2: Bekeny, Sternick, Wright, Clifton violas: Albani, Harris, Zhao celli: Feinstein, Antonetti, Carter bass: Garber Please bring portable music stands to rehearsals and the concerts if you can.