the next few weeks of orchestral life

Schedule for Wednesday February 13th, 2008 7:30 pm Sibelius Violin Concerto all players 8:00 pm Andrew’s arrangements 8:10 pm Beck Symphony no. 1 Beck personnel: fl: Mirasol, Deardorff ob Steers cl. Hendrix, Steen 2 horns TBA trumpet in C: Scott Perkins percussion: Applas and others piano: Mitchell violins 1: Liu, Theophanous, Chow, Moy violins 2: Bekeny, Sternick, Wright, Clifton violas: Albani, Harris, Zhao celli: Feinstein, Antonetti, Carter bass: Garber Sibelius personnel so far: Mirasol, Lane Hoffman, McNally, Gardella, Cui Fromm, Robb Holmes, Levin Eberly, Zellers, Thompson Applas all strings please let me know if I've forgotten anything. dress rehearsal: Monday February 18th from 7:30 – 9:00 concert: Wednesday, February 20 soundcheck at 7:15 concxert at 8 pm all events in Bellefield Hall Auditorium After February 20 concert the next rehearsal is February 27: Weber: Oberon overture, Stanley Steers, cond. Nielsen Violin Concerto – Laura Motchalov, soloist Benjamin Harris: new work Mahler symphony no. 6 mvts 2 & 3