Kopperud, Gosling, and Hot Chocolate



During a week when 20˚ seems like a heat wave, curling up on your couch come Saturday night with a steaming cup of hot chocolate might sound even more appealing then hearing brand new works from two of New York's finest proponents of contemporary music. Well this Saturday night, Music on the Edge is bringing you the best of both worlds. When you walk through the doors of Bellefield Hall we'll put a free, steaming cup of hot chocolate into your hands and you'll also get to hear clarinetist Jean Kopperud and pianist Stephen Gosling give a recital of premieres, including a new composition by Pitt's own Eric Moe (inspired by organisms who only survive in extreme conditions. Sound familiar?). You'll have to bring your own couch Find out more about Jean Kopperud and Stephen Gosling's recital here.