Gamelan Featured in Post-Gazette

Today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette features a preview of this weekend's University Gamelan concert including an extensive video interview with Professor of Music and Department Chair Andrew Weintraub. Classical music critic Andrew Druckenbrod explains the uniqueness and significance of Pitt's gamelan program.

"Fewer than 100 gamelans exist in the United States and Pitt actually has two variations of the orchestra, from different regions of Java, This weekend, one will be performed by Pitt students, CMU students, faculty and community members joined by two visiting musicians from Sunda in West Java: vocalist Rika Rafika and drummer Suherlan.

'Students are also encouraged to learn and play more than one instrument and to learn the relationships among them," according to Mr. Weintraub. "In our concerts, the musicians move from one position to another.'"

You can see and hear the University Gamelan perform at Bellefield Hall Auditorium on April 12 and April 13.