Fromm’s Geode in PSO’s Student Reading Session

Graduate composer Mark Fromm's composition Geode will be read during the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra's student reading sessions. PSO Composer of the Year John Adams selected Fromm's work along with works by student composers from Duquesne, CMU, and West Virginia University. The works will be conducted by John Adams and Ed Cumming and Adams will give each composer feedback. Mark Fromm describes Geode as,
"…a fanfare for orchestra which begins bombastically with heavy, sharp, weighty sounds. Over the course of the piece, shattering snare rim-shots gradually destroy the heavy, harsh sounds until nothing is left but a sparkling, shimmering chord and glimmers of clear, pure sonorities, like a geode being broken open to reveal its crystalline interior."
The student readings take place this Saturday, March 14 at 11 a.m. in Heinz Hall and are free and open to the public.