Four Students Receive Nationality Rooms Scholarships

Four Department of Music students have received Nationality Rooms Summer Study Abroad Scholarships: undergraduate Casey McMullen, and graduate students Steven Moon (ethnomusicology), Mathew Tembo (ethnomusicology), and Devon Tipp (composition and theory). 

Casey McMullen (pictured above) received an African Heritage Room Committee Scholarship. She will travel to Legon, Ghana for five weeks to study the connection between West African Culture and the performing arts. Casey will be viewing and participating in musical performances, and combining the musical aspects with drama, theater, masquerade, and dance. 

Steven MoonSteven Moon received a Ruth Crawford Mitchell Memorial Scholarship. He will be studying the production and circulation of the kemençe, a Turkish classical music instrument, in Istanbul as a part of his dissertation on the relationship between medicine and classical music in Turkey and the former Ottoman Empire."

Mathew TemboMathew Tembo received an African Heritage Room Committee Scholarship. He will be traveling to Zambia in May to interview pop music producers about how technology has redefined their role as music producers. He will also talk to female musicians about how Zambia's Fast Music has financially empowered them and provided spaces in which to articulate their feminism. 

DevonTippDevon Tipp received a Japanese Room Committee Scholarship. Devon will travel to Japan to study contemporary music written for traditional instruments, specifically the shakuhachi (end blown bamboo flute) and ichigenkin (one stringed zither). His research will focus on cross-cultural compositional and performance endeavors. 

Congratulations to all our scholarship winners!