Ethnomusicology Symposium

132 Music Building In this public forum, six Pitt faculty and students will practice presenting their papers for the 52nd annual Society for Ethnomusicology conference in Columbus, Ohio (October 25-28). 2:00-2:30 Emily Pinkerton “The Gendered Guitarrón: Women in the Masculine Musical Space of Chilean Poesía Popular” 2:30-3:00 Eun-Young Jung "Korean Wave in Japan vs. Japanese Wave in Korea: Marketing Strategy and Collaboration in Competing Popular Music Industries" 3:00-3:30 Bell Yung “Unesco and Cultural Rights: China’s Qin Music in the 21st Century” 3:30-4:00 Yuko Eguchi “’Pure’ India in Pittsburgh: Ritual and Musical Practices of Diasporic Indians in Pittsburgh” 4:00-4:30 Marie Agatha Ozah “’When Men Dance Like Women’: The Negotiation of Gender and Performance Space in Égwú Àmàlà” 4:30-5:00 Colter Harper “The Chitlin Circuit: The Embodiment of Jazz in Physical Space and Social Action”