Critical Acclaim for Rosenblum’s “Falling”

The New York premiere of Mathew Rosenblum’s Falling received critical acclaim in The New York Times and New York Classical Review.  The New York New Music Ensemble performed Falling in a concert honoring the late composer Lee Hyla, a close friend of Rosenblum’s.

Falling is a setting of James Dickey’s poem by the same title that was, in turn based, on the 1962 incident of a flight attendant being pulled out of an airplane when a door accidentally opened. The Barlow Endowment for Music Composition commissioned Rosenblum to write Falling for the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble. PNME gave the world premiere performance in 2013 in Pittsburgh.

According to George Grella of New York Classical Review

“Falling blends electronics, spoken word, and live music more effectively than most other such efforts. The piece compresses foreground and background into a rich, floating mass. As haunting as it sounds, there’s nothing diffuse about it, both the poetry and the music are compelling, each line from Dickey and each instrumental phrase peeling back another layer from a central mystery. The path into the heart of the piece is both clear and infinite.”

Read the complete reviews at The New York Times and New York Classical Review. Congratulations to Mathew Rosenblum on the successful New York premiere of this important work.