City Paper Previews IonSound Project

City Paper ran a great preview of tomorrow night's IonSound Project concert. The announcement of the group's residency at Pitt is generating a lot of enthusiasm in the community. An excerpt from Aaron Jentzen's article:
"While Pitt's Music on the Edge series has long brought in top-notch performers from around the world for concerts and workshops with the program's composition students, such opportunities were a bit scattered. "We're not a conservatory, we're not a school of music," Rosenblum says. "We're a liberal-arts university, so most of our [undergrad] students are double-majors in music," he says, "but the composers don't have the same types of opportunities to get their pieces played as they would at these other local universities." IonSound's residency, he says, will change that. Throughout the year, IonSound will work with student composers, presenting workshops on "new instrumental techniques and different kinds of things that would interest young composers," as well as performing the best student compositions at an annual spring concert. "These guys are out there, really dedicated to New Music of all styles," says Rosenblum. "So composers can hit them with almost anything, and they can deal with it."