Benefit for Bangladesh features Colter Harper, Carlos Peña, and Geña

I was thinking of having a recital, but as it turns out, most of what I would do if I had one, I’ll already be doing in an event this Thursday! Pitt’s own Colter Harper, Carlos Peña and Geña will be among the performers that evening. I hope you’ll grace us with your presence. Peace, my friends! María Eugenia Nieves Escoriaza aka Geña Benefit for Bangladesh Your Inner Vagabond Thursday, April 2, 2009, 7 p.m. Admission: Students $7 Non-students $10 Children under 10: free Cause: This event is a benefit for improving the quality of education in rural Bangladesh. We are currently working with a school in Sherpur village located approx. 100 miles north of the capital Dhaka. We are raising funds to build a library, provide teacher training, support the students financially and make available other resources for a quality education. Find out more after the jump. For more info about Aashar Beej, go to For more info about the event venue: go to BYOB Performers: Machete: Afro-Puerto Rican music Machete is a multicultural collaboration united through a sense of social awareness and international issues, where 5 continents blend into a musical medley based on Puertorican music. Machete has captured the feelings of: bomba, plena, criollo, nova-trova, reggae and salsa; music mostly rooted in African beats and Caribbean grooves. Machete has set their cornerstone, transforming traditional Puerto Rican folk songs into a massive explosion of auditive flavor that will keep you dancing all night, redefining the term Afro-caribbean. Colter Harper: Jazz Jazz guitarist and composer Colter Harper has studied privately with Pittsburgh guitarists Jimmy Ponder, Eric Susoeff, Ken Karsh, Marty Ashby, and Joe Negri and is currently pursuing a PhD in ethnomusicology at the University of Pittsburgh. His playing is informed by a wide range of styles beyond traditional jazz. In 2000 and again in 2005, Colter studied music in West Africa and continues to incorporate these experiences into his playing. Colter has had his compositions featured by the band Gemini and trumpeter Sean Jones. He has recently released his first CD “Once upon a mind”. Miguel “Cha”Sagué: Salsa and other Latin American music Son of legendary Cuban musician Miguel Sague Jr, ‘Cha’ is a talented percussionist and singer who brings the beautiful sounds of traditional Latin American music into the Pittsburgh community. In addition to playing Cuban music, the prolific Cuban musician also plays in a Steel Drum band, a salsa band, a Mariachi band, and a Rock and Hip hop party band. Geña y Peña: Latin Boleros Corta-venas Geña y Peña is a vocal and Spanish classical guitar duo. They perform enthralling arrangements of popular boleros and latin love songs, such as “Quizas, quizas, quizas” and “La Ultima Copa”. Bolero is a style of slow, romantic latin music often nicknamed ‘Corta-venas’ (cut veins) due to its heart wrenching nature. Gena’s mesmerizing voice accompanied by Pena’s mellifluous guitar notes captivates their audiences within seconds of playing. Aktara: Bangladeshi folk/fusion Following the footpaths of popular Bangladeshi music rooted in the baul tradition, Aktara represents a collection of Pittsburgh musicians searching for the simplicity of lalon.