Gamelan Ensemble

Spring 2021 Audio and Video Releases

Our students and faculty worked extremely hard all semester in circumstances that could not have been more challenging to the process of making music, but somehow they managed to produce a wide variety of inspiring performances. We are sure you will enjoy this collection if their recent work.

Roger Zahab leads Pitt's Symphony Orchestra in this virtual performance of Judtih Weir's Sinfonia Comatica.

Podcast: Jay Arms and Julie Wachtel on Discovering Gamelan

Our guests on this edition of the Music at Pitt Podcast are Ethnomusicology Visiting Lecturer Jay Arms and undergraduate Music Major Julie Wachtel. Jay leads the University Gamelan and Julia is a member of the gamelan and wrote a research paper about her experience of learning about gamelan music and performance. We begin the podcast with an excerpt from the University Gamelan’s April 2019 performance of Bima Mobos, a piece about Bima, one of the pandawa brothers from the Mahabarata.

Inspired by Gamelan: Music by Indonesian and Western Composers

Pitt’s University Gamelan will present “Inspired by Gamelan: Music by Indonesian and Western Composers” on April 8th at Frick Fine Arts Auditorium. Gamelan comprises mainly percussion instruments including tuned gongs, metal-keyed instruments, and drums (as well as bamboo flute and voice). This instrumentation has a unique capacity to saturate the air with resonances that reach from rumbling lows to shimmering highs. The concert will feature student performers and two artists-in-residence: Endang Sukandar and Endang Rukandi.