The University Library System

The University's libraries, with holdings of more than 4.4 million items, include both departmental and interdepartmental collections housed in a number of buildings around the campus.

The Theodore M. Finney Music Library

Founded in 1966, the Theodore M. Finney Music Library, located in the Music Building, houses a research-level collection that supports the graduate programs in composition and theory, ethnomusicology, and musicology. The Music Library owns approximately 65,000 music scores and books, 25,000 sound recordings in various formats, 1,500 microforms, and 500 video recordings, and subscribes to more than 150 journal titles. It also holds several important collections. These include microfilms of plainchant and liturgical manuscripts and of 16th-century printed music, Gregorian chant leaves, early American hymnals and tunebooks, 17th- and 18th-century prints of English sacred and secular works, music belonging to the late William Steinberg and Fidelis Zitterbart, and the archives of the Polish Singers Alliance of America. An unusually large number of music facsimile publications of manuscripts ranging from early plainchant to Stravinsky, as well as a growing collection of rare musical scores and of important American musical imprints, broaden the scope of this research facility.

The Center for American Music

The Center for American Music is a library, museum, and research center for music of the United States, with particular emphasis on popular music and culture of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The original holdings, given to the University in 1937 as the Foster Hall Collection, document the works and influence of "America's first professional composer," Stephen Collins Foster. Additional holdings extend the scope to other significant composers, performers, organizations, and musical practices.

Sonny Rollins International Jazz Archive

The University of Pittsburgh Sonny Rollins International Jazz Archive contains video and audio tapes of more than 30 years of the department's annual Jazz Seminar and Concert, including performances by such artists and guest lecturers as Kenny Clarke, Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Rollins, and James Moody. The archive also includes original scores, musical instruments, letters, and artifacts related to the history of jazz.

Hillman Library

The main library on the Pittsburgh campus, Hillman Library holds a small collection of music literature, the department of Special Collections, the African American Collection, and the Stark Listening Center, among many other collections of particular interest to music students. The Stark Media Services center in Hillman Library contains more than 35,000 sound recordings.

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Located two blocks from the Music Building, the main library of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has extensive holdings in music, including more than 30,000 sound recordings and over 100,000 books and scores. Visit Carnegie Library's Music Department for more information.