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In the University of Pittsburgh Department of Music, we make music through composition, improvisation, and performance, and explore music’s meaning in the structure of individual works, the relationships between them, and their place in the cultures that produce them. The sensory and practical cannot be separated from the theoretical and abstract in the musician’s world. Thus, music enjoys a special place in our endeavor to understand ourselves.

Students from throughout the University, regardless of declared major, are encouraged to pursue these interests by participating in the Department’s multi-faceted program. The Department of Music has assembled a diverse faculty, including experts in composition, performance, theory, history, jazz, and ethnomusicology, and is committed to conducting its activities within an atmosphere that encourages communication and cooperation within that diversity.

Students interested in taking applied lessons or participating in performing ensembles are encouraged to contact the appropriate faculty members prior to the start of each semester. Auditions for ensembles are typically held during the first week of classes or by appointment.

The Department of Music confers a bachelor’s degree and a minor in music. Undergraduates interested in pursuing a major in music choose a course of study from among five tracks, which offer broad foundation in music scholarship while tailoring specific elements of music study to the student’s individual talents and interests. An audition is not required in order to declare a major or minor in music, but interested students should schedule an appointment to meet with Prof. Roger Zahab, Director of Undergraduate Studies or Dr. Susan Rice, Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies prior to completing declaration paperwork


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