IonSound Project: Music of Joan Tower


November 14, 2010 - 7:00pm

Music Department Ensemble-in-Residence IonSound Project will present the second installment of their current season, “Once there, NOW HEAR” on Sunday November 14, 2010 at 7:00 pm in Bellefield Hall Auditorium. “HEAR: Tower” celebrates the chamber music of this year’s Pittsburgh Symphony composer-in-residence, Joan Tower, by featuring her piano trio, For Daniel, Clocks for solo marimba, Pastorale for flute and piano, and the shimmering and energetic Petroushskates.  The program pays homage to Igor Stravinsky (Tower’s muse for Petroushskates) with a performance of the trio version of L’Histoire du Soldat.

IonSound’s collaboration for this concert is a departure from working with Pittsburgh's established artists. This time around, IonSound will work with the Art departments from three Pittsburgh City Schools.  The Waldorf School of Pittsburgh, the Falk School, and the Environmental Charter School will participate in this unique format whereby the children of these three institutions will create art in various mediums guided by the idea of synesthesia. Rather than have their interpretations influenced by the literary content behind the music, they will be guided to associate colors and shapes with particular sonorities and will be encouraged to create designs or landscapes based upon their emotional reactions to the music.  Musicians of the IonSound Project will present workshops in advance to discuss the music and to play excerpts from the pieces live in the classroom.  The resulting artwork will be projected during the performance of the corresponding compositions.

IonSound hopes that this collaboration will not only present an alternative listening experience for the audience at large but for the children who learn that listening can be experienced in creative and unusual ways. They will have a chance to experiment with colors and emotions while gaining a familiarity with these iconic works of the classical modern music repertoire.

Tickets in Advance through ProArtsTickets: general admission $10, students and seniors $5. Visit or call 412-394-3353. At the door: general admission $15, students and seniors $10.

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