Daoist Impression and Western Resonance: Aesthetics and Flow in my Compositions of the Past Three Years


February 17, 2010 - 1:30pm

Dr. Jeff Roberts will talk about and present his creative work of the past several years and the cross-cultural aesthetic influence of both New England Transcendentalist and Chinese Daoist aesthetics that has developed in his work. As a 2006 Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Roberts studied Chinese music at the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music.

Trained as an improvising guitarist, he also studied guqin performance and improvisation as a Fulbright Scholar with guqin master Li Xiangting at Beijing Central Conservatory of Music. He recently was a resident at the STEIM Foundation, in Amsterdam, working on a project for guqin and computer. He founded and directs an experimental music ensemble titled The Walden Percussion Project that has performed his music in the US and China.

As a scholar, Dr. Roberts has written about the music of China. He recently presented his research on guqin improvisation at the 14th CHIME Conference in Brussels. His book Guitar Atlas: China was released by Alfred Press in 2009. He also is interested in Yi ethnicity music in Yunnan, focusing on the sanxian tradition. His scholarly work in China was initially funded by a 2005 Beijing Outstanding Scholar Award from CET Programs.

Dr. Roberts holds a PhD in Music Composition and Theory from Brandeis University, a Masters Degree in Composition from Boston University and a Bachelors Degree in Improvisation from New England Conservatory of Music. He also studied on a Franz Goethe Stiftung grant with composer Hans Zender at the Hochschule fur Musik Frankfurt am Main, Germany.